Stealth Ebike H52

Stealth Ebike H52

For MX aficionados of the New World, the H-52 should be firmly in your crosshairs. Feet on the pegs and throttle pinned, the H-52 delivers a peerless riding experience in all conditions, thanks to 250mm (10”) of rear wheel travel and a pure, purposeful cockpit. Ultra-quiet and extremely low maintenance, yet propelled by a 5.2kW electric motor, the H-52 is the assault weapon of the future, ready for launch today.

Topping out at 80km/h, the H-52 delivers MX levels of performance with next to no running costs.

Range : 45 to 55 miles
Noise @ 50 km/h : 65 dB

With Stealth's top power output of 5.2kW (5200 Watts), the H-52 enters the combat zone at warp speed.

Motor Type : Brushless DC
Peak Power: 5.2kw (5200 Watts)
Battery Type : LiFePO4
Battery Capacity : 1.5kWh
Recharge Time : 2 hours
Charge : Standard 110-240V

Front Travel Standard : 180mm
(upgraded : 200mm)
Rear Travel : 250 mm

Regen Braking
Front & Rear Hydraulic Standard : Ma