Stealth ebike F37

Stealth ebike F37

Stealth F-37 3700W Electric Bike - Performance Mountain Beast

Weighing in at 35kg, and propelled by a 3.7kW motor, this lighter and more agile version of the Stealth collection elevates the rider to new heights. With ergonomics modelled for ultimate manoeverability, the rider is always in control on any trail.

Basic Specs
Top Speed: 37mph
Range: Up to 37 miles
Peak Power: 3,700 Watts
Recharge time: 2 hours
Transmission: 2 speed bottom bracket
Suspension: Front 180 - 200mm, Rear 200mm
Brakes: 203mm hydraulic
Weight: 77lbs

    Ph: 786-387-1594 / 786-719-2453

    Toll Free 1-888-663-7717

    Miami - Florida

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