Minimotors USA authorized electric scooter dealer:

Back by popular demand, the Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter is the force that started the revolution.  The Ultra has massive 5,400 watt BLDC motors, dual motor controllers with heat sinks, and knobby 3.5" wide tires for the off road enthusiast.  For a limited time, the Ultra will have the 35Ah battery pack with LG MJ1 cells.  Future versions will come with 32Ah packs.

*Our electric scooters are limited to 15mph by a speed limiting wire to comply with DOT regulations and insurance requirements.  Tampering with the speed limiting wire is discouraged and may be unlawful.

    Ph: 786-387-1594 / 786-719-2453

    Toll Free 1-888-663-7717


    Miami - Florida

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